For GameFi and WEB 3 founders

Solarium is an investment/partnership arm of Planetarium to discover and nurture early pioneers of WEB 3 and gaming.

$50M+ AUM
Invests in all asset types
Successful track records in both Web2 & Web3

We believe in

In the past decades, new models of technology had always changed ways we communicate, interact with each other and consume contents. We believe in trust and permanence powered by decentralized computing.

We are a long-term investor with flexibility. We make our resources available to the extent possible to support founders.

Strong Expertise

We launched a succesful blockchain game since 2018

Go to Market

We have amassed and manage a community of over 100k followers

Global Network

We have partnered and invested with various game studios, venture capital, exchanges and more

Tech Support

We developed Libplanet, an engine to easily create and operate blockchain using Unity


We invest in all asset types

We support teams and projects with competence and potential to lead this mega transition into new governance and digital assets.

Meet Our Portfolio
Meet Our Portfolio